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I'm embarking on a whole new venture with blogging.. Web logs am I right? haha But I'm excited, it's almost like a virtual journey, so to say. At the same time, I get to share advice, thoughts and opinions to you, the reader of this blog. Thank you so very much for reading. What is Photography? Honestly there are so many definitions, I can't keep up, and photography has a different meaning for everyone. For example, I had a conversation with someone about photography, and I asked them what does it mean for them. they said, "it's a hobby." which having a hobby is great. I encourage it 1000%! Hell, photography was a hobby of mine at the start. Sometimes our hobbies, things we like to do, can take up to places that we could never imagined. I remember starting out, just taking photos of the ocean, and spending time with my friends, always bringing my camera (which I still do! 🤪) And now I've taking photos for unique businesses, and places. One in particular, is The Freedom Trail. A combinations of photos, and history (I love history.)

You never know where opportunities can open up!

For myself, Photography is how I express myself. It's not so much about the beautiful photograph, it's more about the beautiful that I spend at a location, exploring. 😊 So photography means a lot, and means differently for some so many people around they world. If you're interested in starting your journey of photo taking, DO IT! you'll capture so many memories, and maybe make money or a ton of money one day with it! but that all depends on you! Thank you so much for reading, and have a kind day!

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